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Clayton M. Tullos is a Eugene, Oregon based experienced attorney with a practice geared toward criminal defense and family law. Clayton’s view on criminal defense is simple – he makes the government prove the case against you squarely within the bounds of the US and Oregon constitutions, statutes, and case law. If you have a loser case then Clayton negotiates and argues on your behalf so that any sanction is minimized (ex: less jail time, less fines, pleading to a lesser crime, etc). Clayton has represented individuals charged with minor crimes as well as the most serious such as murder. Every case receives the same review and careful consideration. No case is too small, nor too big.

Clayton is also an experienced civil litigator having litigated successfully motions for summary judgment, real property, divorce, custody, and a variety of other claims and defenses.

More often than not, Clayton is a less expensive quality attorney when compared to other attorneys.

Experienced Attorney

Clayton has experience as a prosecutor from both the Lane County District Attorney’s office (while as a court certified law student) and later as an assistant city prosecutor for the City of Springfield. Clayton has previously worked in a “firm” environment, however, he made the decision to become his own boss and he left firm life to start Clayton M. Tullos Attorney at Law.

Clayton is a 2011 graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law. He has his undergraduate degree in History from Texas Tech University.

Clayton published a paper in the Oregon Defense Attorney Journal detailing the history of non-unanimous jury trials in Oregon: See – Non-Unanimous Jury Trials in Oregon.

Clayton has an 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter. He enjoys spending time with his family, biking, running, hiking, camping, and most other outdoor activities.

Clayton’s office serves Eugene, Springfield, and all surrounding areas.

Clayton M. Tullos

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