Tullos Law LLC is an experienced law firm offering quality legal services at an affordable price, serving clients in all of Lane County and throughout the surrounding areas in Oregon. Tullos Law LLC offers competitive flat rates as well as hourly pricing for clients, tailored to suit your specific legal matter. Our team of attorneys are able to quickly identify your needs and educate you about all of your available options so that you and your attorney can together determine the best course of action, while keeping costs to a minimum.

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If you need the services of a criminal defense or DUI attorney, give Tullos Law LLC a call TODAY at 541-515-1505.

Being charged with any sort of a crime or with a DUI can be scary. One of the first things you need to do is hire a qualified lawyer to represent your best interests. Tullos Law LLC offers affordable flat and hourly rates, and we will work hard to assist you in any way possible! We represent clients in local county and city Courts as well as in other nearby courthouses on a regular basis. If you have found yourself facing criminal charges, call our office today at 541-515-1505 to schedule a free consultation. This initial appointment will serve as a time for you and the attorney to get to know one another. Remember, you are under no obligation if you choose to set-up a consultation today!

Criminal defense and DUI consultations are always FREE either in-office or over the phone. 

Contact Tullos Law LLC today by calling 541-515-1505 or by emailing office@ClaytonTullos.com. Flexible office hours and evening appointments are available. Cash, checks, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Tullos Law LLC represent clients in Lane County Circuit Court, Eugene Municipal Court, Springfield Municipal Court, Cottage Grove Municipal Court, the United States District Court of Oregon, as well as surrounding courts.


If you need the services of a Eugene divorce or custody attorney, give Tullos Law LLC a call at 541-515-1505.

Family law is a court of equity, and at Tullos Law LLC, we believe in fairness. Disputes over child custody and parenting time can be some of the most emotionally draining and potentially devastating outcomes for many parents and children. Having an attorney on your side to help ensure that you and your children are treated fairly is important. For all civil litigation, Tullos Law LLC offers competitive hourly rates, and our attorneys will work hard to assist you in any way possible!

The cost of a consultation for all civil litigation (including divorce and custody matters) is only $100.

At Tullos Law LLC, we are a team of experienced civil litigators, including family law, divorce, custody, parenting time, and judgment modifications. When you hire Tullos Law LLC, you will have a thoughtful, zealous advocate, always looking out for your best interests while listening to you every step of the way.